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Must See Destinations for First-Time Visitors to Miami – Video

Still searching for that ultimate vacation destination? Take a look down south and embark on the trip of a lifetime with a visit to Miami Beach, Florida. Each year, the city of Miami draws over 14 million visitors, and with so much to see & do it’s no wonder why Miami is heralded as a true traveler’s paradise. From fast-paced nightlife to relaxing and soaking up some sun, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If your definition of a vacation includes soaking up the sun and exploring to no end, there is no destination quite like Miami. No matter if you prefer a relaxing Miami resort, immersing yourself in all the excitement of South Beach nightlife, or a nice

Living Like a Local: Some of the Best Unsung Parts of Miami

Visitors coming to Miami often have an image of the city basically being South Beach and Bayside Mall, but there is so much to do from the mundane to the eclectic. Miami is without a doubt a tourists’ city, so there are places visitors will always flock and others that are staples for the locals of the city. Because they’re not as well known to most tourists, you can learn a lot about local culture and even meet new people in the area. We’re going to talk about some of the things the locals know that aren’t usually listed in the standard Miami resort packages, but definitely are still worth your visit. So however you plan to get here, be

Booking a Summertime Family Vacation in Miami, Florida

Everyone loves to go to the beach in the summer, and there’s no better place to be than Miami, Florida. Despite being one of the most southern spots in the United States, the average temperatures in June, July and August hover around 91°F during the day before dipping into a balmy 70°F at night making for a pleasant experience almost any time of day. When you come, choosing to stay at one of the Miami Beach family vacation oceanfront resorts places you merely minutes away from the crisp rolling waves and refreshing breezes of the Atlantic Ocean. Here are just a couple suggestions on some exciting things to check out with your family on your summer vacation. Little Havana Miami

Planning the Perfect Summertime Wedding in Miami

A summertime wedding in the Miami area can be one of the most delightful ways in the world for a couple to tie the knot, and make it a truly memorable occasion for everyone in attendance. Wedding venues in Miami are some of the most popular in the country because the weather is always like a tropical paradise, there are endless attractions nearby for guests to enjoy and the city itself is just made for romance. When everyone else goes home after the wedding, the newlyweds can even stay right there and enjoy a made-to-order honeymoon on the sandy beaches and pristine crystal clear waters of Miami Beach. Whether you go classic black tie or beachy bohemian, here’s what you’ll

Nearly Half of All Americans Have Stayed at a Resort Hotel

For many travelers, the only thing that can make a luxurious destination even better is the lavish accommodations and amenities provided by a resort hotel. According to a recent survey we conducted of over 700 participants, the DoubleTree Ocean Point Resort & Spa is proud to announce that nearly half of all Americans have stayed at a Resort Hotel during their travels. Resorts, combining extravagant accommodations and unique amenities, offer their guests an opportunity to take the vacation of a lifetime. Follow along as we explore some more findings from our survey and share with you why so many Americans prefer the lush accommodations of a resort hotel. Catering to Travelers Young and Old When the results of the survey

Planning an Affordable Miami Vacation

Miami is one of the major tourist destinations in the USA.  People descend upon the city for a number of reasons, looking to take advantage of the vibrant shopping scene, take part in the diverse culture and lively nightlife, soak up the sun on the beaches, and relax in one of the many beach hotels and resorts in Miami.  Whatever the reason, visiting the jewel of the sunshine state doesn’t have to mean emptying the bank accounts.  There are plenty of ways to find great deals on Miami Beach vacation packages, participate in cheap or free activities, and still have a blast in the city. Cheap and Free Activities in Miami Budget visitors need not feel left of the glitz and

Shopping Like a Star During Your Miami Beach Vacation

Miami is a large and vibrant city, known for its amazing beaches, happening nightlife, and for being one of the elite fashion capitals and shopping centers in the world. Millions of visitors check into Miami Florida hotels every year; some are there just for the shopping. It’s little wonder as the city is home to some of the most elegant boutiques and fashion centers as well as major commercial centers in the nation. Best Shopping Spots in Miami Shopping Centers & Malls Shoppers looking for a wide selection in a clustered area will find everything they need in Miami’s best shopping centers and malls. Village of Merrick Park It may not be the hot spot it once was, but the

North v. South Miami Beach

A number of people visit Miami with the hope to spend time at the beach and visit some of the city’s famous sites and attractions. North and South Beach Miami provide a number of exciting destinations to enjoy. Which beach scene is best, and where should you stay? South Beach Art Deco South Beach Miami provides access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. One of the first things you will notice when you hit South Beach is the beauty of the Art Deco district which is called MiMo for short. The eclectic architectural history of the area has brightly colored buildings. Walk around to view some of the unique murals that are reminiscent of Diego Rivera. South

Celebrating Miami Beach’s Centennial

On March 26, 1915, a new town was incorporated in Florida’s Miami-Dade County. And on March 26, 2015, this same town—which has since blossomed into one of the finest resort cities in the world—will wrap up a symbolic 100-hour celebration to commemorate its 100 years of existence. From car and fashion exhibitions to a star-studded music concert, the event—which is organized by ACT Productions—will take place at the sands of South Beach, at the intersection of 8th Street and Ocean Drive in Miami. History Miami Beach actually comprises a series of natural and man-made barrier islands located between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Biscayne Bay, in particular, separates Miami Beach from Miami city proper. A father-and-son team, Henry and

The Miami Grand Prix Returns to Downtown Miami

Race cars are returning to downtown Miami for the first time since 2003. When it was called the Miami Grand Prix, people would line the streets to watch Formula 1 racing cars drive by. Formula 1 race cars have futuristic engines creating an exciting environment for spectators. The race returning to Miami are bringing a new type of car to the area with electric cars. The FIA Formula eRacing promotes electric race cars known as Formula E. The new race is slated for March 14, 2015, which means spectators need to book Miami Grand Prix Hotels before they are gone. Not only should people come to Miami for the race, there are so many other unique and exciting things to enjoy

Infographic | The Best Time to Visit Miami, Florida

With endless oceanfront beaches, constant sunshine, eclectic nightlife and so much more, it’s no wonder that thousands of tourists choose to vacation in Miami, Florida each year. Whether you’re traveling for family fun or a romantic getaway, there is tons to see and do in the most populous city of the Sunshine State. While any trip to Miami is sure to be a memorable vacation, there are certain seasons that make experiencing all that the city has to offer even better than you can imagine. Follow along as we explore the seasons of Miami and help you plan your next Miami Beach vacation! Inside Miami’s Three Travel Seasons Miami divides its tourism seasons into three main categories – Low, Peak,

A Couple’s Guide to Miami Beach, Florida

When it comes to needing a fun and romantic getaway with your partner, few places can compare to Miami Beach, Florida.  The combination of immaculate weather, stunning views, arts, entertainment, and culture make Miami Beach the ideal spot for any couple. Whether you’re planning to honeymoon, take some time off, or elope in Miami, you’ll find the coastal south of Florida to be everything you’re looking for.  Here’s a quick guide for couples who are planning a trip to Miami Beach. Take in the Beach It probably goes without saying, considering that “beach” is in the name, but Miami Beach is perfect for, well, beaches.  Sand and pristine water surround Miami Beach, with waves great for playing in, and weather

Miami’s Parks & Nature Attractions | Slideshow

Boasting a tropical climate and year-round sunny skies, Miami is the perfect destination for anyone looking to get outdoors on their next vacation. While the city is best known for its miles of lively oceanfront beaches, there are several opportunities to get outside and explore the great outdoors in Miami. From some of the nation’s top state parks to the city’s nature destinations, here are just some of the ways you can enjoy the sunshine during your next Miami Beach vacation. Jungle Island Located in the heart of downtown Miami, Jungle Island is one of Miami’s premier entertainment destinations for guests of all ages. Jungle Island combines Miami’s rich, tropical beauty with some of the most extraordinary animals from all

6 Expert Tips to Make Sure Your Holiday Party Goes Off Without a Hitch

If you are planning an end of year or holiday party for family and friends, or your business—organization is the key to success. Below is a quick checklist to help you plan the perfect holiday party in Miami. Select a Theme The first thing you want to consider is the theme of your party. You may simply be going for a general holiday party without a specific theme, but at the very least determine if it will be casual, semi-formal, or formal. The theme and formality of your holiday party will also help to determine the decorations. Create the Guest List Now that you know what kind of holiday party you want to throw, you must create your guest list so that

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Miami Business Retreat

If you are planning a team building conference or Miami business retreat for your key executives, management team, or entire company—you may be wondering just what the return on your investment will look like. Below is a closer look on the importance of team building conferences. Benefits Above and Beyond Industry Training And Events Team building events differ from industry training and events in many ways. While you are sure to focus on industry-specific topics during your team building trip, the development that you focus on the during your stay at a corporate retreat hotel will be centered around working together in new ways. This may mean that you participate in activities that have nothing to do with your industry, and