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Gourmet Coffees and Light Fares

Gourmet coffee, assorted light fares, and other delicacies are offered at The Market on a daily basis. These tasty treats are complemented by upscale specialty coffee drinks that are sure to satisfy your caffeine needs throughout the day. This on-site café at DoubleTree Ocean Point is known for its quick service, phenomenal pastries, and various other coffee shop delights.

There is nothing better than starting your day with a delicious cup of gourmet coffee and a sweet pastry. Some of life’s simplest pleasures are found in a coffee shop, and The Market at the DoubleTree most certainly delivers these luxuries. Customers will always receive kind and friendly service from our knowledgeable staff. Feel free to ask for suggestions, especially those involving our specialty coffee drinks…they are not to be missed.

Guests no longer have to stray very far to indulge in the many delights offered at The Market…we provide a one-stop shop for patrons seeking the comfort of foods and beverages found in a world class café. Gourmet coffee can never be under appreciated, especially in the high paced world we live in today. The difference between a good cup of gourmet coffee and a bad cup of coffee can make or break your day. As patrons’ tastes continue to evolve, so does the wide selection of quality specialty coffee drinks. These specialty coffee drinks always go hand in hand with sweet and savory pastries, and why not take advantage of such extravagance when you’re on vacation? Guests should feel free to take their treats outside to enjoy them under the sun, possibly with their favorite newspaper.

The Market also offers a variety of tempting ice creams to help satisfy your sweet tooth and provide an escape from the hot Miami sun. Ice cream is always a crowd pleaser, whether it be for adults or children. Many guests have been known to make multiple stops per day to The Market for their favorite treats and specialty coffee drinks.

Our professional staff is here to answers any questions and requests you may have, so feel free to contact us at any time. And remember, whether you are craving cold treats, scrumptious pastries and other light fare, or a hot pick-me-up, our amenities have you covered.