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The Best of Poolside Miami Bars

Savor exotic tropical drinks or quick snacks from the comfort of your lounge chair at this spectacular poolside wet bar/restaurant. Featuring open air dining and entertainment on selected days.  This oceanfront setting is a signature feature of our resort. Here the character of the illustrious Miami nightlife meets the freedom and relaxation of the beach atmosphere…all of which can be enjoyed just steps from your room. This convenient and fun amenity is open daily from the hours of 10:30 am – 6:00 pm.

Miami bars are well-known for their excitement and liveliness, and our Wet Bar never disappoints. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beverage as you enjoy the pool and sun, or searching for a satisfying snack…the Wet Bar is the place for you. Many Miami bars lack the atmosphere that we provide at our oceanfront bar. Nothing beats a refreshing drink while you are soaking in the sun and our beautiful surroundings. Imagine sipping a delectable frozen drink as the sun glistens off the crystal clear water as it ripples around you. It does not get much better than that, what a perfect way to unwind and enjoy a glorious Miami day.

No longer will guests have to suffer through the cramped and claustrophobic environment that many other Miami bars offer. The open air setting of our Wet Bar is exactly what guests expect and crave from a relaxing ocean resort. Vacations and getaways should be focused around stress relief and pleasant distractions, not the commotion and fuss that crowded Miami bars and clubs tend to promote. In other words, all of the glamour of the Miami nightlife can be enjoyed here with your toes in the water and the sun shining on your face.

Our Wet Bar is widely recognized for its delicious and refreshing beverages. Each specialty drink is artfully crafted to truly bring out the essence of the Miami lifestyle. Tropical drinks are a resort specialty that utilize many enticing fruits to compliment high end spirits. Enjoy the type of beverage that is meant to be savored on an awe inspiring beach like Miami. It is difficult to top the enjoyment of an ice cold elixir at a beautiful oceanfront resort, especially one that prides itself on exceptional customer service. Our professional staff is here to cater to and aid you in any way possible. Your experience at our resort should be as pleasant and as special as imaginable. So why not sit back and enjoy the luxurious amenities that the Wet Bar offers? You may even reach a level of relaxation that you never thought possible.

Not only does the Wet Bar provide an unparalleled atmosphere, but it also provides guest with a choice of many tempting snacks. This light fare is perfect for a day by the pool, and really sets our amenities apart from other resorts and Miami nightlife. Our refreshments are prepared to satisfy any craving you might have. No longer will visitors and vacationers have to leave the comfort of the pool to quench their thirst or hunger, let the professional staff at the Wet Bar serve you at your convenience.

Why wait until sundown to start to experience the world famous Miami nightlife? The fun can start early at our Wet Bar, and can easily be even more enjoyable than the run of the mill Miami bars. The essence of Miami nightlife can be appreciated from the comfort of your very own poolside oasis. So sit back and enjoy all Miami has to offer without leaving the luxury of your lounge chair.