Miami Beach has some of the most beautiful scenery in the Southeast. Often overlooked because it is at the Southernmost part of the East Coast, Miami Beach is well known as one of the most stunning tourist destinations in the country overall. While there are a lot of things that do get focused on when it comes to Miami Beach (it’s well known as a city with a fantastic nightlife) there are a lot of things about Miami that simply make it one of the most scenic areas you can visit.

A1A: Collins Avenue and Beyond

State Road A1A, despite its name and commonly known by the residents as “A1A” for convenience, is also known as Collins Avenue, where almost every picture of Miami Beach you’ve ever seen was taken. The best-known region of Miami Beach for its natural beauty, it’s a stretch of road that vacillates from sidewalk cafes and Miami Beach Florida Oceanfront Accommodations to isolated patches of road where the beaches are sequestered by lush, natural foliage.

It’s an area where almost every visitor to Miami falls in love with the place. It’s peaceful and yet the air is filled with the energy of the beach, its residents and its visitors. Always an amazing place to go just to look across the water, go swimming or take some time out in the sun, Miami Beach stretches across miles of coastline.

Whether you are just looking for a picturesque walk, want to have a nice time on the water, or find the nearest oceanfront party, A1A is the perfect point of intermingling between people and nature. In fact, you can even see it as you drive up or down A1A, with the separation between Miami Beach’s breathtaking waterfront and beautiful Miami Beach Resorts only the paved road on which you drive.

Discovering the Islands of Miami Beach

Few realize that Miami Beach is itself an island, and connects to the city of Miami via highway. But what’s even lesser known for those not paying attention, is that Miami Beach houses other– smaller– islands, some with amazing views of the ocean and the city. Probably the best known of these is Flagler Island, which is a great place to go to get away from Miami Beach’s main beach, which runs alongside A1A. Flagler Monument Island, for example, contains a lot of interesting history and remains a very interesting place to visit. Unlike other islands, Flagler Monument Island lacked a sea wall, which led to a lot of natural reshaping of the island. At the center of the island, sports are very common, but Flagler Monument Island remains one of the most interesting places to see when you are looking at the various islands of Miami Beach.

North Miami Beach and Sunny Isles Beach

If you are driving and look around the various islands that comprise Miami Beach, eventually you will end up outside of Miami Beach proper, and will find yourself in North Miami Beach. North Miami Beach is both more of a residential area, while containing some of the most interesting places to go in South Florida.

Staying on A1A for example, you’ll eventually find yourself passing Haulover Park, which includes fantastic natural beach where you can literally go au naturale! The northernmost part of the beach is actually the largest public nude beach in the country, meaning if all these beaches have led you to consider skinny dipping, then the beach at Haulover Park is the most popular place in the country to do it.

North of Haulover Park on A1A we find Sunny Isles Beach, which is its own island and residential area with a rich, unique history. Long known as a region with unique hotels and residences, the area is known for its attractions such as Sunny Isles Pier, and canals and waterways throughout the city. Sunny Isles Beach Hotels are in fact some of the most popular hotels in the Miami area because of their easy connection to all points South, such as Haulover Park and Miami Beach. While remaining affordable, they allow easy connections to all of Miami Beach’s most scenic areas while having stunning views and attractions all their own. How much of Miami Beach’s natural beauty you want to see is all up to how much time you want to spend exploring it.

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